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Our Portfolio

We generate multiple X returns through investments in seed rounds and exits at Series A - Series B stage


We participate in early-stage equity raises with a bias towards startups creating new technologies and disruptive innovation in new emerging industries

Digital native businesses

New services that are conceived and built to be conducted and delivered through digital platforms, predominantly connected mobile devices

Agricultural and food technologies

Innovative processes, products and service models that disrupt the traditional food chain, improve nutrition of living beings and the sustainable development of our planet

Products & services for Millennials & Gen Z

Experiences, services and products for the use, consumption and enjoyment of the next 1 billion global consumers 

Artificial Intelligence

Applications that bridge the gap between humans and machines in this hyper-connected and digital world, with the final goal of empowering human capabilities

Startup accelerators

We also invest in institutional startup incubators and accelerators to generate returns and increase the quality of our deal flows

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